Monday, January 21, 2013

Here's to Adventures, No Matter How Small

Today was one of those cold, winter days where the sky is blue and the sunlight is perfect, the moments tick by without the sun seeming to move. Wispy clouds, leafless white birch tress, music and a friend in the seat beside me. The landscape is brown and straight out of an Andrew Wyeth painting, but it is home. There is beauty in familiar things, even if no one else, (especially my friend from Oregon) can see it. We were coming back from a small adventure.

Our retreat was at the Lake of the Ozarks which is a three hour drive from Kansas City. To get there, we had to go through a little town called Versailles. Of course this is Missouri so we pronounce it as Ver-sales (no hoitytoity French pronunciation for us, thank you). As we drove through the town square, I saw this painted on a wall and thought that I had somehow wandered into a Northern Exposure episode.

Not Northern Exposure but definitely interesting...
This part of Missouri is Amish/Mennonite country. It is not unusual to see a horse-drawn buggy next to cars and very large farm trucks.

We also took a detour through this tiny town to The Rustic Homestead off of Missouri Highway 52. It's a great little shop that features primitive art, quilts, and hand-carved furniture. And of course, tons of home decor items. Below are some photos of some items I love!

And now on to the next adventure, however small it may be...
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