Thursday, March 20, 2014

Art Journal Thursday: Unfinished

The wonderful thing about art journaling is that pages don’t have to be finished in one sitting. There are times that you are inspired to work on something, to realize a certain vision but as you work you find that you have taken it as far as you can at that moment. This page was one of those times.

This image transfer is an image transfer of a photo of an angel statue that from my living room. 

I have been in the process of moving again which is why I have been silent for the last few weeks. I had started this page and took it as far as I could. I was sure that I could move it further, but I simply ran out of steam. There were boxes to pack and while I had left my art supplies out as long as possible, eventually they had to be packed away too.

I cut this out of a larger glittered pattern paper.

Now that I have landed and unpacked, I re-examined this page and decided that while it is unfinished I just couldn't move it forward right now. While there is a little part of me that thinks that I should be able to overcome a block, it’s just not so. Sometimes the artistic process works in its own way. Someday I will finish this page or maybe I won’t. Like life, we may have plans but we have to wait and see if they will come to fruition.

The root and small tree were from an old book.

My beloved Starbucks coffee sleeves with part of the paper torn off and gessoed.

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