Monday, February 11, 2013

Creating Order in the Universe

The last week had a lot packed into it. Work. Dinners with friends. Work. Setting up for a church service. Work. Getting ready for a craft show. Did I say work?

I loved getting ready for the craft show and having people stop by to look at my art and decor pieces. Even if they don't buy anything, it is interesting to watch them look everything over.

But, come Sunday I was done. I was tired and felt out of sorts. Things seemed a little out of control. All that rushing around, my environment in disarray, and no alone time had all taken their toll. So I needed a day to recharge. Here are some of the things that I did:

  • Got a coffee
  • Shopped for life's little necessaties
  • Went to Barnes and Noble and looked at magazines for inspriration
  • Wandered around Michaels and Archivers, stopping periodically to dream a little
  • Stood outside on a warm winter day with a cold wind that had a hint of Spring with it
  • Cleaned (or as I like to call it, created order in the universe)
  • Caught up on my Haleighanna's Hands books
  • Looked at my work table and found that this universe would have to remain in chaos
  • Punched out some flowers from an old book

By the end of the day, I saw the wisdom of keeping a sabbath day. Recharging is important. Inspiration runs dry. Things become routine and tired. Sometimes you just need not to do everything, but do those little things that put things in their place. Yes there was a lot of "doing" but it was the doing that helps quiet the fatiqued and restless mind and let's other parts do the heavy lifting for a while.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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