Monday, May 6, 2013

Haleighanna's Hands: SXSW and the Journaling Experience

In March, I attended the South by Southwest conference. I went to support my company but I also got the opportunity to support my own creativity.
I attended a session called, “Creativity—From a Pile of Rocks to a Work of Art” given by Josh Gosfield, a fine artist, author and award winning illustrator, photographer and art director. One of the most impactful points he made (and I am paraphrasing here) was about how to go about getting inspiration, “Keep an idea journal. Turn off screens! Daydream! Ask yourself 'what if?"
I couldn't agree more. For years, I have kept journals. Sometimes I use them to dream. Sometimes I use them to try a new technique. Sometimes I use them to process my world and experiences--the good memories and the bad, the unusual and the typical, the joyful and the painful. Below are just a few of my pages. 

I also used bits of paper from a sack from a popular store.
Loved the quote and used some scraps I had lying around.
 The medallion in the middle was a piece of polymer clay that I had rubber stamped into. It didn't make it into the intended piece, but it worked great here.
This was my second attempt at trying to express some of the regrets of my life. Sometimes once is just not enough.
The brown pieces were used as packing peanuts and I painted them. I like how they give a "prison" feel to the page.

A page to commemorate a walk on the beach with my husband.

Journaling can be used to mark the passage of your life or help you work out issues or experiences. What other ways do you use journaling? What has it taught you?

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