Monday, June 17, 2013

Haleighanna's Hands: Bouquet of Roses or a Pile of Crap

I get discouraged.

I have several dreams. Make my life about art. Live in a way that pleases God. Positively impact the people around me. Be courageous. All those things seem so huge and I can’t (or don’t) seem to get very far.

And, I get discouraged.

I plan out my projects, my day, my interactions. I plan to do this and not do that. I craft how I will deal with people. I devise ways to make my business happen. But things don’t go as I planned.

And, again I get discouraged.

But, discouragement is not the same as giving up. I could allow myself to become discouraged and inactive. But that doesn’t solve anything. Discouragement is an acknowledgement of a plan or expectation that didn’t come off. In other words, I am expecting a beautiful bouquet of roses and instead I get (or make) a pile of crap.

I could stand over the pile and marvel at the gap between fragrant flowers and that the pile of crap. Or I could use the crap as fuel. Fuel to examine how I made the crap. Fuel to examine how to bypass it in the future. Fuel to create a new piece of art or allow my heart to be softened.

I guess what I am saying is that crap is useful.

What do you do with discouragement? How do you handle getting a pile of crap instead of a bouquet of flowers?
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