Thursday, November 21, 2013

Art Journal Thursday: The Morning is Wiser

As I was digging through my stash, I came across this image of a little girl. She seems so innocent and sad. The photo was taken for another project, but it I found it so inspiring that I wanted to feature her in an art journal page.

This random quote from a book was the perfect caption.

First, I glued down the photo, an old page with short hand symbols on it, and the decorative paper of the vintage children. I also painted the piece, carefully avoiding the images, in Titan Buff (a beige-ish color). Using raw umber and a light permanent green, created this deep forest/olive drab color. I applied the paint over the first layer, and letting it dry for a minute or two, took off the excess with baby wipes (one of my new favorite tools). It seemed too dark so I added a glaze wash of ivory.
The wings are outlined with a gold metallic paint pen.

I gave her wings in keeping with the “forest” feel, giving her a whimsical air. I cut out a crown from a scrap piece of card stock, painted it a mustard yellow and then an antique, metallic gold. I added some glue and then randomly applied glitter.

I added some flowers in succession, in a deep bronze metallic ink, again giving the impression of a forest.

I added a small bit a metal to the crown to make it a bit more regal.
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