Thursday, February 6, 2014

Art Journal Thursday: A Place to Wait

This week I have been thinking about how life changes; how our stories are told, wiped clean and retold. The distance of time brings with it new perspectives. The things we thought we understood at the time, we now see in a different light. Years from now, we will see them differently still. So this week's mixed media art journal page is about texture and layering.

I cut my first stencil for this page. Using some old epoxy stickers as a template, I drew around the unusual shapes with a sharpie.

Make sure that you have a new blade. A sharp blade and going slowly will help you avoid cutting too much.

Got out my handy X acto knife and cut out the squares. I then used the stencil to apply light modeling paste.

Once the modeling paste was dry, I glued some toile tissue paper onto the squares and a piece of dress pattern to the page. I let that dry and applied white gesso and a light wash of a sunflower acrylic paint over the whole piece. I then took a baby wipe and removed the layers.

Be careful when applying the glue to the squares so that the tissue paper sticks only to that.
If you need a little clean-up, grab your X acto knife and cut the excess.

I added some additional texture by randomly stamping some words around the page. Then added another light coat of gesso. I drew a sparse "curtain" of leaves to add another layer. Then I added the words of the things I was feeling.

I wanted another texture so I stamped these locked hearts on a scrap piece of muslin.

The older I get, the more I see my past differently--the benefit of experience and introspection. I would love to think that I will use that experience to live a better future, but who knows. I am a human living in an imperfect world. I will continue to make mistakes, overcome hardships, and have moments of joy. So we'll have to wait and see how it all works out.
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