Monday, March 18, 2013

Haleighanna's Hands: What's on the Workbench

Last week, Sheila graciously agreed to share her cork board upcycles. I was so inspired that I had to run to Hobby Lobby (right after I got off the plane from South by Southwest) and
get some supplies. Here's how my project turned out.

I bought a 4x6 resin frame that was on sale ($7.50). I couldn't find a fabric that I liked for a price I liked so I found a pillow cover that I could use a coupon on. So I am up to about $11.00. The most expensive thing I had to buy was the cork board because I was in a hurry and my selection was very limited. I found the pinheads on the clearance aisle. They are meant for jewelry but they were pretty, so...

Turquoise paint with black metallic distressing

My first step was to paint the frame in my favorite color. It took several coats but it turned out great. The next step was to distress it. I used some Anita's Metallic Black paint and mixed it with glaze. Then I swooshed it all around and then wiped it off with a paper towel. Lastly, I put a couple of high gloss acrylic varnish over the frame.

I took the hanger/stand piece out of the frame and used it for a template for the cork board. I cut the board with a craft knife. I wanted the cork board to have a "puffy" feel so I used some batting I had lying around and cut a piece large enough that I could fold it over. I took apart the pillow cover so I could keep the really cool flower that was on the front and the cut my fabric out. Since no one but me would see the backside, I hot glued the fabric to the cork board.

Pinheads from the Michael's clearance aisle
I then used my clippers and cut the pinheads at a angle so they could stick into the cork board.

I was inspired by the Plum Doodles blog that I had to do this...I am sure you know the feeling. What have you done recently that you really couldn't rest until you did it?
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