Monday, April 15, 2013

Haleighanna's Hands: Meet Some Really Cool and Talented Chicks called "Hang-Ups in KC"

With Spring here, craft fair season seems to be in full swing. So I packed up my handmade treasures (aka my stuff) and set up a booth in a local gym. While there were few buyers there, I did get a chance to meet some really cool jewelry chicks, Carolyn Adams and Kristi Jergensen. Together they are known as "Hang-ups In KC."

They were funny and kind. Carolyn saw me struggling with my table as I set up. I set it up too high and was lowering it (yes with all the stuff on it) when Carolyn saw it at this really weird angle and ran over to help. Once she got over the idea that I was probably just a little clumsy or "touched," we found out that we all had a lot in common (starting our own business, Etsy store, blogs, things that we found funny, etc.) Both chicks are talented jewelers and just a hoot. Exhibit A: the spoon bracelet I got from them for a mere $20.00!

They just started a new blog a few days ago. So, while you can't meet these great, albeit food obsessed ladies (food was like every fourth comment in our conversation), you can get to know them through their blog.

Jumping Off The Deep End – The Evolution Of Our Handmade Business

This past March Kristi and I happily traveled to sunny Ventura, California to our very first conference. Craftcation is a 3 day Indie business and DIY workshop conference designed to inspire, build entrepreneurial skills, and provide networking opportunities to like-minded handmade enthusiasts.  It was held at the Crowne Plaza in Ventura which is located on the beach (a definite plus since it was snowing AGAIN in Kansas City). Ventura is a gorgeous town with fabulous restaurants and fun shopping.  Of course Kristi and I managed to find several antique & thrift stores while we were there which made it even more fun for us. Click here to read more.

This is the pier where they decided to "jump off the deep end" and start their business.
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