Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Glitter Pumpkin Tutorial

This project is pretty cheap and perfect for this time of year. The materials needed are:

What you will need:
  • Foam pumpkin (Dollar store or craft store)
  • Unfinished wooden candlestick
  • Unfinished wooden (thin) disc
  • Tissue paper (Consider using a tissue paper the same color as paint and glitter)
  • Glue (white)
  • E6000 adhesive
  • Paint
  • Small wood disc with a beveled edge
  • Crepe paper (orange and black)
  • Foam brush
  • Needle and thread
  • Plastic wrap or aluminum foil

Step one

Remove the metal candleholder from the candlestick (if it comes with one). If you can’t remove it, push it inward with pliers. Sand all the wood pieces lightly—you want to remove any wood bits or splinters.

Step two

Using the E6000, put the glue account the base of the candlestick (on the bottom) and center it on the small wood disc with the beveled edge. Again using the E6000, put glue on the top of the candlestick and place the small, thin disc on top of the glue, centering it in the think disc. Set it aside and come back to it tomorrow.

Step three

Tear the tissue paper into strips and decoupage the tissue paper on the foam pumpkin. The tissue paper will give the pumpkin a wrinkled look. Set it aside and let dry.

Step four

Take the crepe paper and put the two colors together. Using the needle and thread, baste the center of the crepe paper. This will make it easy for you to gather the crepe paper. Baste enough for you to glue to the outer edge of the thin disc (around 50 inches so that there is a little overlap).

Step five

Paint the wood your desired color. Apply as many coats of paint until you are satisfied with the look

Step six

Paint the pumpkin your desired color. To avoid any color showing through the glitter, it is best to paint the pumpkin the same color as the glitter. If you want the pumpkin color to show through gaps in the glitter, paint it another color.

Step seven

Apply glue to the painted pumpkin and glitter away. Let it dry. (Once it is dry, if you find gaps in your glittering, just put some glue on the gap and reapply some glitter and let dry.

Step eight

Gather the crepe paper until it looks like a ruffle. Folding the crepe paper in half and finger press. Draw a ring of E6000 glue around the outer edge of the thin disc. Take the gathered crepe paper and put the folded edge into the glue. Place the candlestick upside down on the wrap or foil and place something a little heavy on the base (I used a large acrylic paint bottle.) Let dry.


Step Nine

Using the E6000, glue the bottom of the pumpkin and place it on the crepe paper/thin disc combo. Let dry.
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