Monday, October 8, 2012

Out of the Creativity Box

What does it really mean to be creative?
In my faith, we are all made in the image of God. He is the ultimate creator. Light, time, DNA, nature--all sprang from His mind. He is visionary, dynamic, and can create something out of nothing. All of things are out of my reach. I cannot do them. And yet, He created me to be an image bearer.

At work, I am often asked to do little things, like tying a bow with the words, "Can you do this? I am not creative..." trailing behind. What does creativity have to do with tying a bow? Tying a bow is a skill--one I do not possess. But I am creative and so is the person handing me the ribbon.
There is a vast difference between not knowing a skill and not being creative. Skills are learnable; knowledge is obtainable. It takes a teacher, practice, and sometimes, a lot of dedication. But creativity is not something that is learned; it is something that is given. In fact, given who our Father is, it cannot be avoided.

The real issue is that we look at the word, "creative" too narrowly. While we cannot make something out of nothing, we can, and do, take all the things around us and fashion them into something new. We look at situations and figure out new ways to tackle them. We get up each morning and choose an outfit to wear. We comfort a friend or make a child laugh. Some of us do cool things with paint and paper; others do tasty things with food; still others make cars run out of spit and bailing wire. It is not the doing or the skill of the execution that bears on creativity. It is the thought, inspiration, and doing that makes up creativity.

BTW: If you want to learn how to make a bow, go to
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