Monday, October 1, 2012


Welcome to my blog.
My name is Holly Ann (or as in the name of this blog, Ha-leigh-anna). I had a friend in college who once asked me why I didn’t spell my name that way and it stuck.

So I am 49, married for more than half my life and my daughters are grown and gone. I’ve been in the mutual fund industry for 26 years. It’s been a great career, but one day, as I was getting really worked up about some silly breach of protocol, I had a moment of clarity. Clarity as in seeing myself from a different perspective and wondered what that silly middle-aged woman was getting so upset about. It’s not as if someone was sick, or dying or going to jail.
The cliché middle-aged crisis ensued and I had to wonder what the next stage of my life would be.

I decided to start my own company, Haleighanna’s Hands and a blog to go with it. In fact, it opened today! I am a Midwestern girl who loves to do things with her hands. I love to build or transform items that people use to make their lives a prettier place or just makes them happy. So I decided to start a company where I do just that. Make stuff—journals, home décor, memory boxes, or other cool items—and sell it on the open market. No, I haven’t given up my “day job” and periodically I still have tedious arguments (as in raised voices) over whether a semi-colon or a comma is correct. But one can dream.
I am glad you stopped by. I hope that you and I can learn together, talk together, and maybe laugh together occasionally.

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