Monday, October 29, 2012

Guest Blogger: Maddie of

I subscribe to the Thirftary blog. I love it. Maddie is gracious and has some very cool ideas.  I wanted to share one of them with you today. Let's Get Scrappy is a post from October 22, 2012.

A special note of thanks to Maddie for letting me share this. I have shared the beginning of her post and a link if you'd like to finish reading it.

Oh boy oh boy. Do I have a treat for you today! Here is some info that you DIYers are going to want to know, if you haven't already made this discovery.

I have this really cool friend who is in the interior design industry. This really cool friend called me the other day and told me that there was an event that I need to go to with her, called Zero Landfill. This program was created to divert design and architectural materials from landfills. So instead of trashing it all, they put it out at these events for the every-day DIYer to pick up FOR FREE. That's right. For free. I am now following the Denver chapter on Facebook. If you are from another area, please hop on Facebook and find the nearest Zero Landfill chapter near you!
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