Thursday, October 24, 2013

Art Journal Thursday: For I am Going Away

Books are a great source of inspiration. Whether it is the world the author has created or the words that have been artfully crafted together. Books open our eyes to possibilities.

That's why I like to use them in my art journal. I find phrases and use them out of context to create new meaning. That's how this page came together.

The title phrase, "...for I am going away", reminded me of my own journey. Leaving the comfort of a nest that I had built for more than 40 years.

A fitting phrase from an entirely different book.

I found an image and traced it using tracing paper. Then I hand painted it.

I used a dry brush for the background and a piece of a cardstock border as a stencil.

I drew the cloud freehand from a book page and added a little ivory to integrate it.

The inspiration phrase from a vintage children's book.
I'd love to hear how you have used books in your work.
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