Thursday, October 10, 2013

Art Journal Thursday: Healing

My one of my fondest desires.
Healing, no matter how large or small the wound, is something we all desire. We live in a fallen world; a world that delivers pain from glancing blows to fatal trauma. Small lies, the end of a relationship, social injustice--the list goes on and on. It is unavoidable. Once the wound is there, healing is the thing we desire desperately. That's what this page is about.

A random phrase from a book. This is one of my favorite creative prompts.

Don't get me wrong, I know that there is joy in the world. I have seen it. Joy in my husband taking my hand. Joy in laughing with my oldest daughter. Joy in lying in bed reading with my youngest girl. Joy in the soft, brown eyes of my white Schnauzer. And yes, joy in talking about who's going to bite it in the next  episode of "The Walking Dead".

I used a stamp with Tsukineko Brilliance Pigment Inkpad in Moonlight White. 

But, there is a lot of stuff out in the world that hurts. And hurts for a long time. The fondest wish of my heart is not that the pain didn't come, but that the wound would close and scar over. I am okay with my scars. In fact, I would be happy to show them to you. But an open wound, well, sucks. So I desire healing, even if it means having to do the work of cleaning the wound out in order for it to close.

The background is a printed piece of blank newsprint.

Technique note:

I created the background by using a canvas board as a printing plate. Texture was created by making bumps with acrylic paint and letting it dry. I then added layers of acrylic paint in differing colors to the board. I sprayed the paint with rubbing alcohol and then laid a scrap piece of newsprint (saved from a Hobby Lobby glass purchase) on the plate. I used a brayer to make sure the paper was in contact with the plate. Then I rapidly removed it and laid it aside to dry. One of the nice byproducts of this is that the bumps started to dissolve and created added color in random patterns.
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