Thursday, October 17, 2013

Art Journal Thursday: Waiting

Waiting is hard.

Waiting is boring.

Waiting can make the heart sick. It wears much.

That was the inspiration for this journal page. A few years ago, I went to Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris and marveled at the artistry of the memorials. A number of them had started to decay. To fade away.

I recently found one of my photos and it resonated with me. Waiting. Waiting. More waiting. All the while having pieces of yourself fall away. It was a clear picture of what it is like to feel the pain of abuse. I decided to use it as the cornerstone of the page.

Image transfer using matte medium and a laser printer copy of my photo.

But when I was done, it seemed too dark. There is light. There is help. There is compassion, even if there isn't complete healing. So I incorporated the beginning of Psalm 40 into the page. This will help me to remember that help is not far off.

A little of my own poetry (in white) and Psalm 40 in black.

A white marker over the light permanent green and Payne's Gray glaze.
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